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Pro Heritage - Corporate christmas cards for builders, decorators, painters, contractors, accountants, shipping agents, notaries, transporters, electrical engineers, plumbers, stockbrokers, shipbuilders etc.

Christmas cards and charities

The originally English custom of supporting a charity by
means of a Christmas card has meanwhile been followed in
many other countries. There is much to be said for this, as
charity and the Christmas spirit are closely connected after all.

Still, you will not ever find any reference to a charity that
has been chosen by the publisher on any of the Christmas
cards included in the extensive Pro Heritage Collection.
After all, this would only make sense if our cards were
being offered for sale in the private sector.
However, before anything else, the most significant
concept to apply in the market segment that is served by Pro
Heritage - the business community - is that of exclusiveness.
In addition to the guarantee that one and the same card will
not be offered to a fellow professional in your direct vicinity,
Pro Heritage also observes the principal of offering complete
freedom of choice where it concerns texts, types and,
naturally, charities as well.

Many of our clients support a charitable institution
- often active on a local or regional level - and also inform
their relations of this support. The left side of the inlay of
our Christmas cards offers an ideal opportunity to that end.
You can select the texts that are to be printed
in this section as you desire.

We provide two examples below:

"This year, we intend to grant the whole of our budget for
business gifts to a charity. We have opted for (followed by
the name of the charity and, if desired, its goal and logo)"

or, for example:

"Your faith in us during the past year has enabled us to
present a donation to (followed by the name of the charity
and, if desired, its goal and logo)"

All of the work activities that are to be conducted by
Pro Heritage in connection with charities, such as printing,
the lay-out, text proofs, et cetera, are free of charge.