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Pro Heritage - Corporate christmas cards for builders, decorators, painters, contractors, accountants, shipping agents, notaries, transporters, electrical engineers, plumbers, stockbrokers, shipbuilders etc.


Since 1993 the Pro Heritage Collection of Business Christmas cards, meant to meet the requirements of the discerning professional user, has grown to well over 200 different images. In order to guarantee real exclusivity these cards are not available in the retail trade. All cards show a high degree of artistic photograpic skill and are superbly printed.


All cards are so-called "upright" and printed in full-color on 260-grams Super Fine Art Board, coated with a
high-gloss UV-kalander. The folded size of the PREMIUM card is 210 x 148 mm, equivalent to 8.27 x 5.83
inches (h x w). A matching de-luxe envelope is always included.

Cards marked with a star are also available in TRADITIONAL size, i.e. 170 x 120 mm, equivalent to 6.69 x 4.72 inches. A matching de-luxe envelope is always included.

PRICES - in Euro

All our prices are in Euro, the European currency. You may convert this currency to your own by using the
XE Quick Currency Converter of www.xe.com.

Version A.

portrait Christmas card sizes

This is the ready-to-send version entirely customized to your specifications.
You may choose any verse, any font. A number of verse and font suggestions (pdf) can be consulted for your convenience but you are not obliged to use these. Imprinting in black* is done on the inlay (Keay Parchment White - 90grams) glued in the card, thus resulting in a fine classic card. If submitted digitally your logo can be printed at no extra charge. The minimum purchase is 100 cards.
Quantity discounts apply.

This version costs € 1,58 (premium) or € 1,48 (traditional) complete.


Version B.

In this version cards are delivered unfolded and without inside verse printing.
The minimum purchase is 100 cards. Quantity discounts apply.

This version costs € 1,35 (premium) or € 1,25 (traditional)

Version C.

In this version cards are delivered unfolded but with inside verse printing directly in the card.
Quantity discounts apply to the cards only. The minimum purchase is 100 cards.

This version costs € 1,35 (premium) or € 1,25 (traditional) PLUS printing costs:

 100-250 pcs251-500 pcs501-1000 pcs 
black€  74,50€  86,50€  102,50 
1 Pantone colour  96,00  108,00  114,00 
black + 1 Pantone colour  138,00  150,00 166,00 
2 Pantone colours  150,00 163,00 179,00 
black + 2 Pantone colours 174,00 190,00 205,00 


Apply to all versions. 250 cards and up less 10%, 500 cards and up less 12,5% and 1000 cards and up less 15%.


If you require us to print your logo please submit your artwork in HIGH RESOLUTION (mimimum 300 dpi) to imprint@proheritagecards.com. We can accept universal formats such as JPG, TIF, Corel and EPS.


If required a return address can be printed on the back flap of the envelope, the cost of which is € 0,09 per envelope with a minimum of € 15,00 per order.


Please use contact/samples form for a sample request.


Please use order form. Your order will be confirmed immediately. Your cards will then be reserved for you for 48 hours pending receipt of payment and your specifications in the case of customized cards.

We accept MasterCard We accept Visa We accept American Express All deliveries must be prepaid.
We accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard.


If you have opted for a customized version you will always receive a proof-sheet by e-mail for your approval or correction.


Up to 500 cards your contribution to our transportation costs is limited to € 35,00. No such contribution will be charged for orders over 500 copies.


All destinations (worldwide) 2 to 5 working days. Overnight deliveries possible at a surcharge.

Stadionweg 166  -  1077 TB Amsterdam  -  The Netherlands
telephone +31 20 662 60 68
Established in 1993  -  Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam 33.245.084
email cards@proheritagecards.com